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100 KIDS Quiz Simple General Knowledge (GK) with Questions \u0026 Answers for Kids, Students

Can you insert a comma and a semi-colon in the following sentence: Although the park was very busy the children still managed to play this made some parents very happy. Frank's birthday is in 13 weeks and 2 days, can you work out how many days it is until his birthday?

Contradictory meaning in bengali

What is the name of the system that breaks down food into simple substances processes the food we eat? Can you place the four main layers of a rainforest in order, beginning with the highest layer first: Canopy, Forest Floor, Emergent, Understory? What type of animals are fish, amphibians and reptiles classed as, and can you explain why: vertebrates or invertebrates? What is the first letter of the bottom row on a computer keyboard?

Which country won the World Cup in ?

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What is the world's largest hot desert called? Animals belong to three main groups, depending on what they eat. Can you name the three groups? Which continent does Japan belong to? Which major river runs through Egypt?

Can you round the following decimal to 2 places: 7. What is the name of the second largest ocean in the world? Can you work out what the missing whole number is from the following sumCheck out our fun quizzes for kids with the best selection of printable quiz questions and answers, created especially for children by the team at Knowalot!

Children can learn interesting facts and information with our quizzes for kids with trivia questions on various subjects from music and movies, math and history, to science and geography. Looking for party games for children then look no further than Knowalot's range of quizzes for kids.

Choose from hundreds of free, printable quiz questions and answers for boys, girls and teenagers. Quizzes for Kids Knowalot specializes in quizzes for kids and welcomes schools, parents, teachers and students to use their printable trivia questions and answers for a fun quiz game, classroom activity, school or family quiz. Our quiz questions focus on general knowledge and school subjects including geography, history, science, the Bible, math, movies, pop music, sport, animals, and major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Select from our free, printable quizzes for kids which can be used as student worksheets, fun homework activity sheets, or as part of a school or family quiz. Our quizzes for kids include fun and educational questions such as: What type of triangle has three unequal sides?

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What is the capital city of Japan? Can you name the five human senses? What is the 14th letter of the alphabet? Printable Kids Quizzes for Boys, Girls and Teenagers Knowalot focus on creating fun and interesting quizzes for kids that inspire learning and interaction. Our questions and answers are centred on school subjects such as history, math, geography, science and Bible trivia, and combine general knowledge questions on the latest pop music songs and singers, children's movies, animals, sport, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Quizzes for Kids Our printable kids quizzes offer children a chance to learn whilst having fun, and are ideal for kids party games, school and family quiz nights. Here are some examples of the quiz questions you might find: How many points does a snowflake have?

Which desert covers most of North Africa? What number must be added to 84 to make ? Can you name the four gas giants of our solar system? How many of Snow White's seven dwarfs have names beginning with S? What type of animal eats plants only?

Knowalot is a free quiz website for children. Our team strives hard to create fun, learning based quizzes for kids and regularly update questions and add new quizzes to the website. We aim to cover a range of school subjects and general knowledge topics including animals, science, georgraphy, sport, Bible trivia, movies, math, pop music, history, film characters, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Quizzes for kids with questions and answers for party games at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and New Year.Index Newest Popular Best.

Sign Up: Free! Log In. Ten questions on general knowledge that most year-olds should be able to answer - if they are smartypants. Difficulty: Tough. Played 3, times. As of Jan 28 The sun is a long way away, so how long does it take for the light from the sun to reach the earth? Just over 8 minutes. On what continent is the city of Mombasa? South America. Who, or what, is a cyclamen?

Roman soldier. Bicycle repair man. What is the meaning of the Latin phrase "per ardua ad astra"? The stars and the moon. Through adversity to the stars. Till the heavens fall. Stars and stripes. During World War 2, allied officers made a daring escape from a German prisoner of war camp, by digging tunnels from their huts, and out under the fence. What code names were given to the three tunnels?

Able, Baker and Charlie. Tom, Dick and Harry. One, Two and Three. London, New York and Paris. When a motor vehicle, train, or any other noisy thing is approaching you, the sound it makes seems to rise in pitch, and when it's going away from you it seems to fall in pitch - what is this effect called? Wave effect. Sound effect. Doppler effect. Pressure effect. In the UK and Europe, if your dentist said you needed treatment on your "upper right 3" - which type of tooth would be giving you a problem?

Out of the choices below, which piece of electrical equipment in the home uses the most power when turned on, and is therefore the most expensive to run? Electric Shower. What is the common term for the medical condition known as hypertension? Nervous anxiety. High blood pressure. Muscle tightness. Breech birth. If you traveled west along the M4 from London, England, which of these cities would you NOT travel through, or very close to?This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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Car Logo Quiz. Irish Driver Theory Test. Kids Cartoon Questions. Quiz Questions And Answers. Body Language Test. Famous Bands. Know Your Football. Kids Identify The Animals. SuperHeroes Quiz. Human Body Muscles Test. Adverbs Multiple Choise Test. We no longer support the creation of Questions and Answers Quizzes This quiz list has been imported from our old website - we can not guarantee these questions are accurate.

Animal General knowledge Quiz. Cartoon Trivia. Cat and Kitten Trivia. Chemical Elements Quiz Questions and Answers. Chemistry Quiz question and answers. Children General Knowledge Quiz. Children Geography Test Questions and Answers. Children Music Questions and Answers. Children Trivia Test Questions and Answers. Christmas For Kids. Classic Literature for Kids.

Country Quiz Questions and Answers. Dinosaur Quiz Questions and Answers. Disney Trivia. Dog Quiz Questions and Answers.Filter Categories. Filter - All. Food and Drink. General knowledge. Jokes and Riddles. US History Quiz. Are you a whizz kid at American history? Try this US history trivia questions and answers quiz. See how many you can get right! Christmas Anagram Quiz. Unscramble the Chrimbo words in this Christmas anagram quiz. Can you work out what festive words are hidden?

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Come and have a go! Christmas Bible Quiz. A Christmas Bible quiz. Bible Christmas. Christmas Song Quiz. Festive, family fun with these Christmas song quiz questions! Perfect for adults and teens.

Halloween Jokes for Kids. Halloween jokes for kids. Perfect for your Halloween party. Halloween Jokes and Riddles.Please leave empty:. Most of the time. Yes, and he keeps staring at me when I catch him. I'm at this table and he's staring at me from two tables away. When I move several tables away, he moves with me, but is still two tables away. He sits near me, but not beside me.

He flirts with other girls. He's too shy to flirt. Does he know you? When his friends ask him, "Do you like your name ," what does he do? Yes, but his friend likes me, so he said, " I hate her! Yes, but he says he likes someone else:. Yes, and he said he likes me! Yes, and he nicely teases me only :. Yes, but he teases other girls, too.

Have you ever heard him talking about you to his friends in a nice way when he thought you were out of earshot? Yes - definitely in a NICE way:. Yes, but in a mean way, not a nice one. Yes, on school days. Yes, but only to ask information about my friends:. One is pointed toward me and one is pointed away. Yes, always:. I don't know.

Sadly, yes He was, but they broke up. Comments Change color. Lena Kassy fake name Oh gosh, I think he really likes me!!! Lily Mclane This guy in my school he has been my friends since I was 3 months old.

But our parents are still friends so every time I go on summer break we have a play date.Welcome to the Kidzworld Quiz section, where we offer an endless assortment of super fun quizzes for kids and teens.

Test your knowledge of gamesmoviescelebrities, fashion, style, music, geography, fitness, and more! We have a quiz for you and offer challenges for kids and teens of all ages, interests, hobbies, and skill levels! How does winter affect your personality? Does it change? Snow makes some jump with joy, and brings others the winter blues. Some become adventurers, others hibernate inside. Learn about your winter personality by answering our simple questions.

Wonder Woman is finally coming out after months of waiting on Christmas Day, test your knowledge of the Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman in Kidzworld's trivia quiz! It's Christmas time again, and no doubt you'll be gathering around the TV to watch your go-to Christmas show or movie. How well do you really know those favorites you watch every year? Bounty hunters and mercenaries are right at home, an opportunity awaits anyone who is brave enough to seek it out. Take the quiz to find out which The Mandalorian outlaw you are?

The brave Gryffindorthe smart Ravenclaw, reliable Hufflepuff or the sneaky Slytherin. Which Hogwarts house do you belong in? Do you know the facts on this super-cool game? Test your trivia here!

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Are you a Super Saiyan? Are you a video game expert? Take this quiz to see if you know Mario from Wario, Hamtaro from Pikachu and more!

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Sky High is where you go to hone your super powers. If you were a student there - what kind of power would you have? Ever fantasized about dating a movie star? Which leading lady would make the best GF?

What Kind Of Guy Do You Love? (For Girls Only)

Take the quiz and find out! The Lord of the Rings is a fantasy story full of heroes, villains and strange creatures.

quizzes for kids 10-12

Kidzworld's got a sweet quiz for you to figure out which Lord of the Rings hero you would be. Find out here! Who is your movie star soulmate?

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Find out whether you're destined to be with MekhiHeath, Freddie or Josh by taking this quiz! Are you a generoushelpful person or are you a little bit self-absorbed? Think you're better than the rest of your pals? Take this quiz to find out!

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We're all a little nerdy - whether it's science geek or drama elitist. Find out with this quiz what kind of nerd you are! Some friends give you great adviceothers make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

So what kind of friend are you?