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Save and heal and then Surf east out ot the city. After the two trainers, Surf southeast. When you see beach, step onto it and enter Mossdeep City. Explore Mossdeep to get the Super Rod. Defeat all the Magma Grunts and then talk to Steven. Select three Pokemon and you will enter a 2 vs. After beating them, head to Steven's home in the north west of the island and he will give you HM08 - Dive.

Surf south of this island and then use dive in dark patch of water. Swim underwater south until you get to a cave entrance. Enter and press B to surface You should be in the Sea Floor Cavern.

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough 27 - Mossdeep Gym Leaders Tate+Liza -

You'll need Strength and Rock Smash. Head north up past the puzzles through the door. In the next room, make your way to the top left entrance. Surf in the next room, hop in the currents until you are able to get to the top left door. Head through that and solve the puzzle in the next room. In the next room, simply follow the path around and take on Archie. After beating him, Archie will use the Red Orb to awaken Kyogre and it too will flee.

You will be led outside and it will be pouring rain, with thunder and lightning combined with solar flares. Steven comes along and says he's going to Sootopolis City. Leave the cave and resurface. Surf slightly left and then north. Follow the dark water until you can go left.

Head left until you get to another patch of dark water and use Dive again. Head south until you find another cave. Head inside and resurface. You will see a cut scene with Groudon and Kyogre fighting.

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Head around them and go and speak to Archie, Maxie and Steven. Steven leads you to a cave. Head all the way through and you will meet Wallace. Choose to go to the Sky Pillar. To get there, Surf toward the Seafloor Cavern and then Surf south.

Use the PokeNav to guide you, and when you can Surf west, do so onto Route Continue onto Route Hug the north of the route, and you will soon find a little gap. Head into it and into the Sky Pillar. Wallace is there, and after a few earthquakes he leaves. Head all the way to the top.There is quite a lot of things to do here in Mossdeep City.

Heal your Pokemon now, and maybe visit the Mart. On the raised land in the eastern part of the city is a Fisherman's house. Talk to him, and he'll give you a Super Rod. Then go into the Space Center the large green buildingand talk to the first person you see. He'll give you a Sun Stone. Then you can go to the house in the upper-left hand corner of the city. It's Steven's house. He'll give you HM 08 - Dive. With this, you can dive underwater. But before you can use it, you must get your seventh badge.

This is a Psychic Gym, so be prepared with something that you think can defeat powerful Psychic Pokemon. Step on the triangles on the left side of the room. You will automatically be moved in front of a trainer. Next, move one space up and one space left onto more triangle.

These take you a long way, and you'll fight another trainer. Next, walk one space down and three spaces to the right, which will lead you to another trainer. Press "A" to the switch box shaped deviceand head down. Go down onto the next set of arrows. Then up onto a set of arrows. Move one space up, one space left, and one space down.

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This will bring you to another trainer. Flip the switch, and ride on the very first set of arrows again.


This will put you in front of a trainer. Step on the arrow to the left of where you are, and you'll fight another trainer. Flip the switch, and go back to the beginning. If you did everything right, then you will be able to ride all the way to the end, where you'll meet the twin gym leaders.

They're Tate and Liza, and they're ready to battle with a lv.

mossdeep gym emerald guide

Of course, you'll be forced to send out two Pokemon.From the entrance to the gym, go up and step on the white dot. You will float to the platform with the first trainer. This is Psychic Preston, who has a level 42 Kadabra. Check on the rock to the left of Preston to change the white dot paths. Then go south and step on the white dot to go back to the entrance platform.

After that, go north and step on the white dot to be sent to the next platform. This trainer is Psychic Joshua, who has a level 40 Kadabra and level 40 Medicham.

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Check on the rock on the right side of this platform to change the paths. There are now two paths to choose from. Going south leads you to an optional battle with Hex Maniac Kindra, who has a level 39 Kirlia and level 39 Grumpig. Go east to battle Psychic Fritz, who has a level 39 Claydol and level 41 Starmie. Afterward, check on the glowing rock to open the next path. This opens two paths to the left. The upper one leads to Hex Maniac Kindra, whom you might already have battled.

The lower path leads to the northwest platform, where you can battle Hex Maniac Patricia. She has a level 41 Chimecho. Check on the rock near Patricia to change the paths.

Chapter 7: Mossdeep Gym

Now you can go southeast for an optional battle with Psychic Virgil, who has a level 40 Kadabra and level 40 Girafarig, or you can go southwest to return to the entrance of the gym, where you can go north to reach Gym Leaders Liza and Tate. Liza and Tate challenge you to a Double Battle. They have a level 45 Lunatone and level 45 Solrock.

The Lunatone also knows Light Screen, which will cause its Special attack to double if you hit it with a Special attack while Light Screen is still in effect.Travel east out of Fortree City and travel along Route until you reach Route Continue along to find Team Aqua.

Now go south of where Team Aqua was to find Route Use Surf to travel south and head east to find a cave. Enter it to find Mt. Continue to the top of Mt. Pyre to find Team Aqua.

Continue along by fighting the Team Aqua members. At the top of Mt. Pyre will be a dialog with Team Aqua leaders. Now you must battle with Matt from Team Aqua. A dialog happens once more after the battle. You will be given the Red Orb. Now head to Slateport City and head to the northeast part of town for a short dialog. Now follow Stern inside the building for another dialog.

Fight both Team Aqua Grunts and agree to help Stern. Once in Lilycove City - a short dialog will ensue. Afterwards, exit the Lilycove City Harbor and head north into town. Defeat him and continue north. Now head east and jump down the small ledges. Go south until and down the stairs.

mossdeep gym emerald guide

Head east and north to find a cave. Use Surf to enter it - this is the Team Aqua Hideout. Head north and continue up the stairs to enter the hideout.The Psychic-type is weak against Bug - Dark - and Ghost-type attacks. Try not to use Fighting - or Poison-type Pokemon against these Psychic-type Pokemon or they may be quickly knocked out.

To get around this gym you must step on the white dots in the black area. This will transfer you to another part of the gym. Step on the white dots to the north to reach the first Pokemon trainer. After the battle, interact with the glowing rock on the platform. The path to the north of the entrance will light up. Step on the path to the south to return to the entrance, then step on the path to the north again. This will take you to another Pokemon trainer. Like before, interact with the glowing rock on the platform after the battle.

mossdeep gym emerald guide

This will illuminate a path further on. Take the path to the right to reach another Pokemon trainer on another platform.

After the battle, interact with the glowing rock and take the path to the west.

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You will reach another Pokemon trainer. After the battle, interact with the glowing rock and take the path to the east. You will reach a Pokemon trainer on a much smaller platform.

Take the path all the way south to the entrance. You should be able to reach the Gym Leaders straight to the north now. That's right, leaders as in two of them! Do not use Ground-type attacks because their abilities will make them immune to the element. Solrock specializes offensive attacks, and can even use a powerful Grass-type attack. Be very careful when using water-type Pokemon! Furthermore, its Rock Slide attack can hit both of your Pokemon at the same time. Lunatone on the other hand specializes in defensive attacks.

Try to take out the Pokemon quickly, or rely on physical attacks so you don't have to worry about the boosted Special Defense. This badge ensures Pokemon up to level 80 will obey you, including traded ones. It will also allow you to use HM07 Dive in the field. Step on the white pad to the right of the Gym Leaders to warp back to the entrance.

Exit the building and watch a short scene. Your next primary destination is Route to the south of Mossdeep City.Chimney Mt. Mossdeep city is a small island in the north-east of the region. This island is the home to Steven Stone and the Space Centre where you can learn of various space launches.

This house opens up when you scan in various trainers using e-Cards on the e-Reader. These trainers are then battleable constantly from there. This costs nothing but can only be taught once Name Type Cat. PP Att. Effect Dynamicpunch 5 50 The user punches the target with full, concentrated power. It confuses the target if it hits. Dotted around the gym, you will find switches which open the path up. In Emerald, the gym runs off of a puzzle where you have to use switches to rotate statues around to create paths.

Special Moves used in Mossdeep City: Surf. Main Area. Space Centre.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I cannot beat Mossdeep gym leaders. Their Pokemon Lineup is:. How can I improve my lineup and do I need to do much level grinding? Night Shade is not the best move in this situation, unless you grind up the Sableye, as it only deals damage equal to his level. I would definitely, however, advise grinding his level up, 41 would be a good level as he gets Shadow Ball there, which may lower SP.

So a good move choice. If you could teach your Swampert the Rock Slide move or any other Rock-type attack moveyou wouldn't have to worry about switching out. If you're having problems against Light Screen, I'd advise getting Brick Break if you can as it removes Light Screen and Reflect, although I'm not sure if you have access to Brick Break by the time you get to Mossdeep. Level up a Gardevoir so that it knows the moves psychic and imprison. Imprison is a move that prohibits the opponent to use any move that the user knows, therefore they will not be able to use psychic.

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Active Oldest Votes. I advise keeping the Sableye. In 3rd Gen, it has no weaknesses. Not only that, but it can do more damage to psychic types. Improve this answer. Yuuki Yuuki Unless a Pokemon learns it on level up, you don't have Brick Break. The man who gives it to you is in Sootopolis. Otherwise, great tips there.

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