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The age gap is barely noticeable as Shin Joo Yeon played by the classically beautiful Kim So Yeon is sweet and playful and frankly, a little immature, while Joo Wan played by the incredibly handsome Sung Joon portrays the typical rich boy overflowing with confidence and charm.

Watch Now. Especially given his bad boy image. Shame about the frankly creepy age difference. When they first meet, Hye Sung rescues Soo Ha from the man who murdered his father and then testifies against the man in court. He generally follows her around kissing her on the cheeks and back hugging, and any single straight woman would be pressed to turn him down. Ahn Hye Young is a successful Mukbang live streamer, or food porn blogger.

But Hye Young seems to be keeping a respectful distance from her young admirer, likely because of the age difference. Dong Ha saves Ji Yeon from humiliation at the hands of her colleagues and then accidentally overhears her sad life story when she visits a psychic with her mom. The two accidentally switch phones and are forced into each others lives as a result.

She turns him down to begin with as she has a boyfriend and has never looked at Sun Woo as a man before, but his constant heart eyes and determination eventually get to her and she agrees to date him.

This couple really shows the ups and downs of dating someone older or younger in Korean society. Sun Woo wants to talk casually and be considered on the same level as his girlfriend without the division that an age difference can create. Their scenes together, however, show them at their happiest, as they truly do bring out the best in each other. Dae Young played by the charming Yoon Doo Joon is an overly open and friendly insurance salesman who manipulates people into purchasing insurance by pretending to be their friend.

She is suspicious of his open and kind demeanor, calling him a swindler and even wondering if he is behind a number of attacks in the area. He seems to enjoy her company, if only to get a rise out of her or trick her into becoming a customer. He is surprised to find that his assistant at the office is a noona he has met before when she was babbling, drunk on the steps outside a convenience store eating popcorn.

Can Min Seok confess everything to the woman he is falling in love with, will she accept him for who he really is, and is the age difference and the deceit too much for Soo Young, who is generally a very awkward character to begin? She was a troublemaker in her youth, but wants to make a good impression as an adult in her new position. Did we miss one of your faves? Let us know in the comments below! Check out more noona romance K-dramas in the collection here!

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How many have you seen? Soompi Spotlight. Let's Eat. I Need Romance 3. Secret Love Affair. Surplus Princess. King of High School. A Witch's Romance. Angry Mom. Reply I Hear Your Voice.MDL v6 en. Feeds Calendar Articles Trailers. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Noona Romance. Sort By: Author's Order. Loveholic Korean Drama -16 episodes.

A Thousand Kisses Korean Drama -50 episodes. Majo no Jouken Japanese Drama -11 episodes. Alone In Love Korean Drama -16 episodes.

Me too, Flower! Korean Drama -15 episodes. Modern Farmer Korean Drama -20 episodes. Anego Japanese Drama -10 episodes. My Queen Taiwanese Drama -21 episodes.

My Sweet Seoul Korean Drama -16 episodes. My Sweet City Chinese Drama -30 episodes. Nemureru Mori no Jukujo Japanese Drama -9 episodes. Bitter Sugar Japanese Drama -10 episodes. Blood Korean Drama -20 episodes. Blossom Again Korean Movie - Over Time Japanese Drama -12 episodes. Boku Dake no Madonna Japanese Drama -11 episodes. Japanese Drama -10 episodes. Botox Korean Movie - Brand Japanese Drama -11 episodes. Plum Blossom Korean Movie - Cheap Love Japanese Drama -10 episodes.

Crazy For You Korean Drama -16 episodes. Protect the Boss Korean Drama -18 episodes. Dae Mul Korean Drama -24 episodes. Queen of Reversals Korean Drama -31 episodes. Dal Ja's Spring Korean Drama -22 episodes.Age serves an important role in the way characters relate to each other in K-dramas, and in romances especially so. Dramaland is particularly interested in the idea of a younger man-older woman romantic pairing, also known as the noona romance.

Why do we enjoy these stories so much? How are noona romances used to serve the plot, and what messages might be hiding behind the noona romance? Though noona romances are on an upswing with the recent Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Foodcurrently airing Boyfriendand the upcoming Romance is a Bonus Bookthere were also a bunch of early dramas that were devoted to this relationship dynamic.

These dramas were also great character-driven stories about heroines learning more about themselves, and making room in their lives for love. And yes, being wooed by a younger man turned out to be a crucial catalyst for their growth. His presence also forces her to look inside herself, and at the things that are truly holding her back.

Because what do you do when a young musician and student, Kim Bumflirts with you, fights with you, writes rock songs about you?

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This is just the dark phase before the start of your second chance in life. However, when you take a step back, these noona romances have something very interesting to say about the power of choice. Both heroines are offered a new season in the form of a younger man.

Noona Power! 3 K-Drama that Involves Noona Romance

This younger man almost invariably adores her, looks past her faults, and has no reservations about their age gap. If you think about it, this element is rarely explored in other romances where the question of age is not at the forefront. K-dramas often treat falling in love like getting struck by lightning or drinking a love potion. There are endless rom-coms where the hero is completely smitten and has no control over his infatuation and adoration.

Then there are other romances where the OTP is fated to be, and while the world or chaebol elders, ever-returning first loves, trucks of doom, and other ill-fated happenings threatens to separate them, nothing can truly keep them apart. Noona romances are interesting in that unlike the more tropey romances, they often portray love and embarking on a relationship as being a choice.

They love each other, yes, and they are a great couple, but will the heroine be able to put her baggage aside and fully commit to the relationship? If love is presented as a choice for our noonas, what sort of things get in the way of what seems like a perfectly acceptable and delightful proposition?

Our first reaction would be to say the age of the hero. What is it that the age disparity does to the inner workings of our noonas, then? To me, one of the primary things the age difference does is open up space for doubt. Dating a younger man seems to wake up worries in our heroines about whether their love is truly a lasting one. It tests her confidence in their relationship, and even more so, her confidence in herself. There are a lot of noonas who are presented with quite a magical romance — but who falter in a mess of hesitation and insecurity after the initial excitement has settled down.

The heroine played by Sohn Ye-jin is wrapped up in her job, dating the wrong guy, and clearly missing some magic in her life. When she meets the character played by Jung Hae-in, everything starts to change. While not without its faults, the drama was a poignant exploration of what insecurity, self-doubt, and the power of outside perception can do to a romance that would have and should have otherwise thrived.Lists are updated approximately every 5 minutes.

Last updated 7 days ago. MDL v6 en. Feeds Calendar Articles Trailers. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. The Noona relationships do NOT need to be between the main leads. Skye-N-Rain Dec 12, Vote for this show 7, points by 76 voters. Something in the Rain Korean Drama -16 episodes.

Vote for this show 5, points by 53 voters. Romance is a Bonus Book Korean Drama -16 episodes. Vote for this show 4, points by 48 voters.

Most Popular KDRAMA in History 2004 - 2020

Witch's Romance Korean Drama -16 episodes. Vote for this show 3, points by 35 voters. Vote for this show 3, points by 34 voters. Vote for this show 3, points by 31 voters. Encounter Korean Drama -16 episodes. Vote for this show 2, points by 30 voters. One Spring Night Korean Drama -32 episodes.

Vote for this show 2, points by 29 voters. Reply Korean Drama -20 episodes. Vote for this show 2, points by 28 voters. Vote for this show 2, points by 23 voters. Descendants of the Sun Korean Drama -16 episodes. Vote for this show 2, points by 21 voters. Secret Love Affair Korean Drama -16 episodes. Vote for this show 1, points by 20 voters. I Need Romance 3 Korean Drama -16 episodes. Vote for this show 1, points by 19 voters.

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Vote for this show 1, points by 18 voters. Good Doctor Korean Drama -20 episodes. Vote for this show 1, points by 16 voters.This type of drama has a lot of interest because not a few of the audiences have experienced it themselves in the real world.

But certainly, the story of noona romance is always beautifully crafted as the love transcends age difference. A mature woman is dating a young man who might be the same age as her sister. How is it not cute? Their age difference can range from 5 to 10 years, but what is called love does not look at the age right? Lee Hyun-soo Seo Hyun-jin and On Jung-Seon Yang Se-jong initially only knew each other in cyberspace, but they met in the real world in a running club.

Their closeness took place quite quickly because Jung Seon immediately expressed his feelings. Of course, Hyun-soo just laughed at him. Lee Hyun-soo is an assistant playwright who has a difficult career, while On Jung-seon is an idealistic and talented young chef.

From day to day they are getting closer and starting to miss each other, but the difference in looking at the future makes them forced to separate then meet again when both of them are already successful! In this very famous noona romance drama, we are introduced to Yoon Jin-ah Son Ye-jina mature woman who never gets married because her love relationship is a mess.

Yoon Jin-ah and Seo Joon-hee initially only ate together, walked home together, exchanged messages, but later they began to like each other even though their age was far apart. Moreover, the office where they work is in the same building. Their love was unstoppable and both were determined to continue to keep their special relationship even though their friends and family never blessed their relationship.

The latest noona romance drama that premiere last year tells of Cha Soo-Hyun Song Hye-Kyodaughter of a politician who is married to a man from a wealthy family but she finally divorced her husband and got a hotel as divorce alimony. Under the control of Soo-Hyun, the hotel that will go bankrupt progress rapidly.

They enjoyed a beautiful and memorable night in Havana before parting ways. And predictably, the couple develops a sweet relationship. Home K-Drama Noona Power! Source: JTBC. Temperature of Love. Something in the Rain. Please enter your comment!

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In Need Of Noona Romance? Here Are The K-Dramas You Should Watch

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best noona korean drama

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